First Time Kelowna Home Buyers

I love working with first time home buyers in Kelowna. The excitement of buying your first place, whether a condo, a fixer upper or with some help from family, what might be your ideal first home is beyond amazing!  I take pride in working with younger Kelowna home buyers because it wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes. Read through some of my tips on breaking into the Kelowna real estate market and then let's talk about finding the right Kelowna home for sale to get you into our local market.

It is essential as a first time home buyer in the Kelowna real estate market that you work with someone who is experienced with first time buyers. First time buyers will usually have more questions than people who have purchased real estate previously. Buying a home in Kelowna is not a simple process, especially when you are not familiar with it. You may not know what price range of properties you can look at, what mortgage payments you can afford, or how the general home buying process works. For a first time Kelowna buyer, I generally recommend getting to a bank or seeing a mobile mortgage specialist as soon as possible to determine what you can afford and what you are comfortable with paying each month. You can then be ‘pre-approved’, which is the first step to getting you into an affordable home and getting you started in the local market.

I can provide the answers to your questions and walk you through the entire process, from viewing potential homes, to making an offer, to setting up mortgage financing. Although buying your first home can be overwhelming, you can be confident that I will be available to help you every step of the way. I enjoy the process as much as you do, and find it very exciting! I still remember buying my first home and all of the questions that I had. Having a real estate agent that was willing to be available and answer my questions made the process so much easier and calming. This is the same commitment I make to all of my first time buyers, and anyone that I work with.

For additional information on buying your first place to call home, please contact me anytime.